Keeping Healthy Through the Cold and Flu Season

Every year millions of people get colds and it is estimated that 5-20% of the American population get the flu every year. Why? Why do we get sick in the first place and what can you do to prevent colds and flu?

There are many reasons why someone may get a cold or flu – or get sick at all, for that reason! Here are just a few:

1. Certainly stress plays a major role and goodness knows we are all under a lot of stress. But if we are all under so much stress, why do some get sick and others don’t?

2. It could be a weakened immune system or poor health in general. People with compromised immune systems or who are generally unhealthy (overweight, bad habits, etc.) are obviously more likely to get sick.

3. Another big factor is diet and we all know there is room for improvement there!

4. Don’t forget toxins in our food, air and water. We have become so used to the idea of toxins that we almost take it for granted but it is a serious problem for many people.

5. Suppression. This is a new idea to many but it has been shown that if you are around people or situations in your life causing suppression – causing you to be “squashed” emotionally or mentally – it can lead to illness. If you want to know more about that, ask me.

6. Karma? You tell me.

7. Oh, and let’s not forget that viruses and bugs MAY play a role. I personally think it’s a minimal role.

Wow! When you consider it, it’s a miracle that any of us stay healthy through the cold and flu season. Thankfully, most of us do but for those who don’t, it’s no fun and can sometimes be deadly. So what can you do to keep healthy through the cold and flu season? The obvious answer is stay healthy! And you do that by building up your body’s resistance to sickness by building up your foundation of health. Here are a few things that I consider most important to avoiding colds and flu.

First, get a chiropractic check-up. What? How does that help? A spinal adjustment will keep your nervous system stronger and increases your overall resistance to sickness. Your body will function better and heal quicker. At the first sign of sickness, get a spinal check up!

Second, improve your diet. Specifically, stop eating sugar. I can hear some of you saying, “Now wait a minute, Dr. Wyly! Do you mean stop eating sugar?” Yes, stop eating sugar. Especially if you already have a cold or flu. Bugs love sugar so while that sugary treat or soda may be comforting to your emotional state, it feeds the bugs making you sick.

Third, drink plenty of water. To prevent illness and avoid cold and flu, the body needs to stay well hydrated with pure water. Drinking sugary drinks or caffeinated drinks can stress the body and lower overall resistance to disease. If you need something hot, try drinking herbal teas such as chamomile or green tea.

Fourth, change your perspective. Let’s face it. Life can be hard at times and we all face challenges. The holidays can be especially stressful. We all have worries but none of them are worth getting sick over. We can reduce the amount of stress in our life by developing a better outlook and perspective on whatever worries us. It often helps to talk to someone and get support from a pastor, therapist or other a concerned friend. If you are so inclined, try practices like prayer and meditation to strengthen your connection to your spiritual source.

Finally, the best way to avoid colds and flu and stay as healthy as you can is to get a Nutrition Response Testing® Analysis. Nutrition Response Testing® allows us to uncover any hidden problem areas that may be putting stress on your body and lowering your overall resistance to illness. It also allows us to find specific nutritional support that is best for YOUR body. There are many, many great nutritional supplements that support a healthy immune system but it is important to know which ones your body needs most.

If you want to build your foundation of health and be as healthy as you can possibly can be, I suggest you do all of the above actions. We are here to help you in your journey. We will work hard to help you overcome any health challenge and support you in your quest to be as healthy as you can possibly be. For more information, call or come by the office. Our number is 5018-842-1004.