England Chiropractic and Nutrition

We are the Natural Health Improvement Center of Arkansas. If you are looking for ways to improve your health while avoiding medications and surgery, we can help!


Finding a Holistic Wellness Chiropractor who understands changing health care needs and who uses the most current techniques and approaches to addressing health problems can be a daunting task.

My purpose is to help people improve their health and to educate them about natural alternative solutions to common health problems. I encourage people to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining their own health, as well as the health of the people around them.

After being a natural healthcare practitioner and chiropractor for 35 years, my passion is helping people change their lives for the better.  I have found some simple life changing ways to help improve health naturally.

People who use these methods experience more energy, better digestion and elimination, loss of unwanted weight, reduction of pain with an increase in joint mobility and overall feeling of better health and vitality.


What was it like before you came to see us? Most days I felt fatigued with little to no motivation and just overall very tired a majority of the time. My brain was in a constant fog and staying on task without getting overwhelmed was very difficult. My quality of sleep was very poor and left my mood lacking. I also had difficulty with grinding my teeth which caused painful throbbing headaches. I also suffered from anxiety and occasional depression I was overweight and bloated and had trouble daily with proper elimination.

How is it now? I feel great now and I am much more aware of what I put in and around my body. My digestive system is back on track. I am sleeping very well, I have energy and focus. I have dropped weight and inches and can wear clothes I haven’t worn in quite some time. My skin has improved as well as my hair and nails. The pace of this system is perfect and I have learned a lot!