What Our Patients Are Saying...

What was it like before you came to see us? Most days I felt fatigued with little to no motivation and just overall very tired a majority of the time. My brain was in a constant fog and staying on task without getting overwhelmed was very difficult. My quality of sleep was very poor and left my mood lacking. I also had difficulty with grinding my teeth which caused painful throbbing headaches. I also suffered from anxiety and occasional depression I was overweight and bloated and had trouble daily with proper elimination.

How is it now? I feel great now and I am much more aware of what I put in and around my body. My digestive system is back on track. I am sleeping very well, I have energy and focus. I have dropped weight and inches and can wear clothes I haven’t worn in quite some time. My skin has improved as well as my hair and nails. The pace of this system is perfect and I have learned a lot!

What was it like before you came in to see us?  I had tingling in my fingers, pain in my body; lack of energy.  I was always feeling stressed out and not able to deal with stress rationally.  Brain fog.

How is it now?  I’ve been doing the nutrition program for 3 weeks and it has helped me tremendously.  I can handle stress so much better and my thinking is clearer.  There is less pain in my body and I have more energy.

One of my major issues that showed up in my Nutrition Response Testing© analysis was the thyroid.  One year ago my blood work showed elevated thyroid level of 2.4.  After doing nutritional testing for 10 months, my most recent bloodwork showed thyroid level to be at 0.99!

I started my nutrition program about 6 months ago.  Before seeing Dr. Wyly, I was tired all the time and had no energy.  I had irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea every day.  I was taking prescription medications every day including pain meds every morning.  I have stopped these completely.  I had bad headaches all the time and my mouth was constantly dry to the point that I had to have something in my mouth all the time.  That has completely gone away.  I had severe allergies but have stopped taking my medication for that.  I was also having to urinate about 10 times/day and would lose sleep because I would have to get up at least 3 times every night to use the bathroom. That has completely cleared up. 

I have more energy and I’ve gotten back to my yoga.  I can stand longer and walk longer.  I’m not bloated all the time and I’m learning to eat better and healthier and have lost weight.  I’m not snacking before dinner or lunch and have started eating breakfast.  I have cut out sugar and starchy food and I’m feeling much better. Thank you so much, Dr. Wyly!

Every year, especially during the summer and fall, I have had problems with allergies and sinus drainage sometimes to the point that it causes pain and infection.  I usually end up going to my doctor for medications and every year when I go on vacation I am miserable. 

I have been doing Nutrition Response Testing© with Dr. Wyly for about 8 months now.  I recently went on vacation and my friend commented that my allergies seemed to be much better.  I hadn’t even thought about them!  They have improved so much with taking the natural whole-food supplements and eating healthier!  I have not been to the doctor and have not had to take ANY medications!  I was always miserable before going on vacation but not his year!

I was dealing with a parasite from Guatemala.  I had no energy, was unable to eat for 6 weeks, was in a fog, and felt like I was dying or barely living.  I also had pain in my right foot making it hard to walk or stand for long.  Now I feel alive and vibrant!  I am clearer in my thinking and focus and the pain in my foot is gone.  I’m light on my feet again! 

What was it like?  Painful; no energy or low energy.  Pain across shoulders, couldn’t move arms without hurting.  Sore in butt muscles.  Couldn’t sleep without hurting. I was a mess!  Eating things that were not helping my body. 

Now it is easy to move, more energy.  Feel 100% better and I now have more knowledge on how to keep myself in good shape.  I’m using whole food supplements by Standard Process – these have made a world of difference for me along with the adjustments that I’m given.

I was having lower back discomfort, couldn’t walk very far without hurting in hips and had almost no stamina.  I was very much overweight and had no desire to do a weight loss program.  Dr. Wyly suggested a healthy eating program to help lose weight and is easy to adjust to.  I have lost 55 lbs. and have had no problem following the suggested foods.  Rarely do I have the lower back pain or the pain in my hips.  I can walk more distance before tiring out and can even walk at a faster pace.

Before I came to see Dr. Wyly, I had chronic neck and back pain.  Pain at times was nearly paralyzing and I often thought my active days were over.  Very unfortunate for a young person and depressing. 

How is it now?  Best I have felt in 18 months.  Adjustments, e-stim, traction are helping.  Orthotics are helping tremendously towards more long-term care and relief.  Have not had a single episode of bad pain and feel completely capable to be active again.  I’m very happy!