Why I Don't Drink Diet Soda

I have an acquaintance who, every time I see her, is drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper.  I saw her again recently and as we chatted I pointed to her can of pop and casually said to her, “You know those things are bad for you, right?” Her response was, “Really?  I didn’t know that.  How so?”  At first I thought she was joking; but, no.  She thought she was making a healthy choice by choosing diet soda over regular soda.  

How about you?  Are you also under the assumption that diet soda is “healthier” than regular soda?  Well, think again.  For many years there have been critics of diet sodas and the artificial sweeteners they contain but it was the epic study released by the University of Texas in 2011 that opened the eyes of many and started a serious discussion.  It showed unequivocally that people who drank diet sodas vs. regular sodas actually gained MORE weight and had a higher risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.   But since 2011 there has been even more research published that provides additional evidence that diet sodas are not good for us.  Here are 9 good reasons why I chose not to drink diet soda:

1. Increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

2. Increased risk of Type II Diabetes.

3. Increased risk of certain types of leukemia. 

4. Increased obesity.  Yes, drinking diet soda will lead to weight GAIN even more than drinking regular soda. 

5. Increased risk of depression for those drinking 4 or more diet sodas per day.

6. Increased inflammation in the body. 

7. Drinking diet sodas “trick” the brain into craving high calorie foods that can cause over eating. 

8. Altered gut bacteria.  Although not fully understood, there is a clear connection between drinking diet soda and gut dysbiosis.  Problems with the gut flora can lead to a host of other problems like gas, bloating, belching, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

9. Headaches.  Studies from as far back as 2009 have indicated that artificial sweeteners can trigger migraines and headaches or can make them worse. 

Do you need to hear more?  The bottom line is clear: Do NOT drink diet sodas.  Ever. 

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