Happy Birthday, Chiropractic!

In September 1895 the first Chiropractic adjustment was given. 


We use that date to mark the beginning of the Chiropractic profession.  The founder of Chiropractic was D.D. Palmer.  He was a health care practitioner who used a variety of healing modalities available at that time.  The first Chiropractic patient was Harvey Lillard, a janitor who worked in the building where Palmer had his clinic.  Lillard had injured his back lifting a heavy crate off a wagon and as a result of the injury had lost his hearing.  Interestingly enough, the first Chiropractic adjustment was not to relieve back pain but to restore hearing!   Lillard stated that he heard a loud “pop” in his back when the injury occurred.  Palmer deduced that there might be a connection between the injury to the back and the deafness.  He ran his hand down Harvey’s back and found one of the vertebra that was out of place.  He thought that if he could return the vertebra to its normal position it might affect the hearing.  He convinced Harvey to let him try.  Using his hands, Palmer adjusted the vertebra and soon Harvey’s hearing was restored.  Thus began the start of an entirely new health care practice. 

Since then, millions upon millions of people have utilized and been helped by Chiropractic care.  Chiropractic is the largest drugless healing profession in the world and the 2nd largest health care profession over all.  For 123 years now, Doctors of Chiropractic have been helping people live healthier and happier lives without drugs and without surgery and we are still doing it today! 

Help us celebrate!

Through the month of September, all new Chiropractic patients will receive $50 off the first visit!  This includes the consultation, the examination, spinal x-rays and any treatment.

There is nothing you or your referral has to do.  No coupon, no special code, no trick.  All new Chiropractic patients will get $50 off the first visit during the month of September!

Finally, I want to say “Thank you” to all my friends, clients, patients who allow me to be on your health care team!  Every day I get to go to my office and do what I love to do – help get sick people well.  Thank you for your trust, your loyalty and your support.  I am here to help!

Happy birthday, Chiropractic!