Why I Do What I Do

Someone asked me recently why I do what I do.  A good question!  As I have thought about it, I realized the answer has changed over the years.  Let me explain.

I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor when I was only 16 years old.  I had grown up going to the chiropractor all my life.  In fact, my first visit to the chiropractor occurred when I was only 6 weeks old!  I was born with serious health issues that the doctors at the time couldn’t help so my parents began searching for an alternative and took me to their chiropractor.  If you are not familiar with the science and art of chiropractic care that may seem very strange but there are situations when even a newborn needs a spinal alignment.   My mother was in labor with me for over 24 hours.  As a result, I had a severe subluxation (misalignment) in my upper neck that was cutting off nerve flow to the body and causing serious problems.  After I began chiropractic care, my body began to heal and I began to thrive.  As a result of my early childhood experiences, my parents decided that anytime I was sick or needed a doctor, I went to the chiropractor.  But I was not sick very often.  In fact, besides the normal childhood diseases like measles and chicken pox, I don’t remember ever being sick as a child.  I was healthy.  By the time I had reached my teenage years, I realized that I was healthier than anyone else I knew.  So at the age of 16 I decided I wanted to be a chiropractor.  I graduated high school, got my pre-chiropractic requirements at University of Central Arkansas and in 1982 graduated from Texas Chiropractic College.   I opened my first practice in May 1983 at the age of 24.  At that time I wanted to tell the world about the miracle of chiropractic.

For 35 years I have been an alternative health care practitioner using chiropractic and nutrition to help my patients live healthier lives.  What I have witnessed is this: people today, in general, are not as healthy as people were even 35 years ago.  I believe there are many factors at play here.  We have many toxins in our environment, food and water supply including dangerous pesticides, herbicides and fake hormones.  The amount of sugar and grains in the American diet has never been greater.  We have been on this misguided low-fat, low-cholesterol insanity for over 40 years and that has created a multitude of health issues.  We are vaccinating our children and adults more than ever with drugs that contain poisonous mercury and aluminum.    Americans today are taking record numbers of prescription medications.  We eat too much junk food and processed foods with chemical additives and preservatives.  All of these factors and more have played a role in the declining health in America.

As this was becoming clearer and clearer to me, I began to utilize nutrition services in my office on an ever expanding basis.  As my nutrition practice grew, I started seeing the results in patients and that only fueled my desire to learn more.  In 2016, my research led me to Nutrition Response Testing® and that has taken me to a whole new level of care for my patients.  I began learning a system that allows me to safely and accurately assess the body for organ weakness and nutritional deficiencies.  I now have the tools to really help patients improve health and wellness even when other methods have failed.  Today I want to tell the world about Nutrition Response Testing®.  I want you and everyone else to know that good health IS possible without taking drugs or medications.  More than ever, I see patients who are looking for answers to their health care challenges and I want to be prepared to answer the call. 

Why do I do what I do?  It’s my calling.  It’s my mission and purpose in life.  And it’s so desperately needed.

How can I be of service to you?  Do you have health challenges and concerns that worry you? Are you worried that things are going to get worse?  Are you unhappy taking drugs and medications and the bad effects that go along with them?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Are you looking for hope?  If so, I can help.  If you are ready to do something about it once and for all, call our office and make an appointment for a free consultation.  Let’s sit down together and discuss your case and see if you are candidate for what I do.  If not, I’ll tell you.  What do you have to lose?  Call today.  501-842-1004.