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“A Natural Approach to Seasonal Allergies”

Do you dread the pollen season? Is spring time allergy time? Do you take medications to deal with allergy symptoms? Are you sick and tired of being sick with allergies year after year after year? Are you ready to learn what you can do to make it better? If so, join us on:

Tuesday, May 14th at a special time of 12:15 pm

for our FREE health seminar, “A Natural Approach to Seasonal Allergies”. Have you noticed that your allergies are getting worse as you get older? That’s not uncommon and there’s a good reason for it! Is it possible to go through spring or fall without seasonal allergies? You bet! To learn how, join us on Tuesday, May 14th. Please let us know you plan to attend by calling 501-842-1004 to RSVP.